Double Layer Cat Litter Mat


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Our patented double layer litter trapper mat is truly one of a kind. It traps the litter in the bottom layer. Loose litter falls through the top layer which has holes. This protects your feet when crossing the mat and hides most of the litter. You can then empty the litter that is collected on the bottom layer – pour the litter into the litter and save money. Our design also allows you to place a common pad underneath the top layer for really messy cats that spray urine. “Clean Up and a Cleaner House” has never been easier! We even patented it.
Designed by cat owners
Honeycomb holes allow litter to fall to the bottom layer
Our easy-to-open edges allow you to easily empty litter into the box
Place it under the top layer for messy cats
Waterproof bottom layer catches litter


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